National Executive Report - December 2018


Dear Members and Activists

Chris Holland and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Winter Holiday and a Peaceful, Happy New Year.

This is a long term and you’ve worked hard - so have fun and take it easy over the winter holiday break.

Best wishes

Kathy Duggan and Chris Holland - Inner London National Executive

General Secretary’s Report

Issues with poor behaviour in schools are prevalent now in reports from members and in the press. Please report to us if you here of schools  buying in to an initiative called Pivotable - this is purported to be a behaviour management tool. - and on first look it’s ineffective . 

Inner London schools and colleges continue to have budgets cuts imposed on them. Another union is running an indicative ballot - pointless as this is not an industrial dispute and an indicative ballot has no teeth - it’s nothing more than a straw poll. NASUWT will continue to hold ballots on ADVERSE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES. Of course we want more money for schools - our disputes are around when our members are penalised and lack of funds is sighted as an excuse.

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