National Executive Report July 2019

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NASUWT Executive Members Kathy Duggan & Chris Holland


Dear Inner London NASUWT

Welcome to July’s National Executive Report. We would like to wish you all a lovely, restful and invigorating summer holiday.


A few updates and reminders:-

Your NEMs asked questions about National Conference venues - we would like to see more in the south of the country.

Chris Holland examines the financial aspects of the Treasurer’s Report and will always pull officers up on the detail and occasionally will point out errors.


Local Secretaries - please set the dates for your local meetings and the regional office have those dates for the autumn mailing which must go out four weeks after the beginning of term. Remember that you can call a Special General Meeting out of synch if you need to do so.


Make very sure that your local association consider conference motions and if one or more is agreed get them in by the deadline. NASUWT thrives on a dynamic and interesting National Conference. 2020’s Conference is in Birmingham, easy to travel to and greet hotels - get your Conference Reps organised in good time.


Most local authorities still have NQT welcome days. Find out when yours is. Order your recruitment packs to be delivered to the venues and go yourself - RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT - we are the only bespoke teachers union and we offer the best service to teachers.


DON’T give in to being used for endless cover during gained time - the exams are over this doesn’t mean your conditions of service have been suspended!


I’m sure all your pupil reports are now written and handed in - try not to get pulled in to endless rewriting to suit the sensitivities  your particular Head teachers.


Lastly - personal gripe - don’t hurt yourselves entering the staff race on sports day. You’ve been warned! 


 Best wishes

Chris Holland & Kathy Duggan