National Executive Report - Nov 2018

Chris Holland & Kathy Duggan

NASUWT National Executive Report

November 2018

National membership 277,260

NASUWT the largest trade union exclusively for teachers.


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General Secretary’s Report

Violent and disruptive behaviour.

The reports of very disruptive behaviour from pupils, serious assaults, violent incidents and threats of violence in schools and colleges are increasing in the UK. The impact of austerity on school budgets and the inclusion agenda is becoming in some cases an emergency. Cuts to support staff; cuts to local authority specialist support services; cuts to alternative provision have impacted on mainstream classroom teachers’ work dramatically. NASUWT are putting pressure on employers and others to mitigate the effects on our members. Please report to us incidents where individuals and groups of members are being affected. The first ever, ground breaking case of Refusal To Teach was in Lewisham Inner London. Don’t let the bar sink so low that our members are tolerating unacceptable behaviour which puts them at personal risk of assault and injury.

NASUWT will listen to our members, investigate and uphold a Refusal To Teach ballot if a case can be made.

Wherever you work, mainstream or special school it is not part of your job to be assaulted verbally or physically at work.

Your National Executive Members spoke about:-

  • Inadequately funded inclusion.
  • Violence in schools and colleges.
  • Teacher workload - including the abuse of data and pressure on UPS3 teachers to do more
  • Lack of pay progression within Upper Pay Spin

Best wishes

Chris Holland & Kathy Duggan NASUWT Inner London National Executive Members

National Executive Report October 2018

Report of National Exec 5th Oct


1)      Fred Smitties much respected past NASUWT  General Secretary passing noted 1 min silence

2)      GS Report

a) All fringes at party conferences well attended

b) “Whiplash” law going through parliament but been tweaked to prevent personal injuries claims such as raised by NASUWT.

c) DFE toolkit needs to be carefully used as open to abuse NASUWT has guidance that picks all the best bits and almost makes it a usable document.

d) The asbestos mat problem is still ongoing as no names of supplies being released , there is concerns that there may be other suppliers .

e)Pay policies that are compliant,  details will be  sent out next week.

f) Pay grant not ring implementation could be cause for concern

g) pupil indiscipline ballots increasing in prevalence across England and Wales

h) Pushing the results of “The Big Question” Look on NASUWT website

i) In house information booklet has been produced giving details of what was in old diary - for those who miss it

3)      Some schools using key loggers to record what teachers are typing. Big Brother (or Sister) is watching you!

4)      Employers contribution to pensions to allegedly rise to 23% by 2023


Your Inner London National Executive asked questions on false black widow spiders (it is the month of Halloween!)

London Primary schools and the investigation into DFE funding claims by UK Statistics Authority, the watchdog which prevents the misleading use of figures.


Best wishes

Chris Holland and Kathy Duggan NASUWT National Executive

National Executive Report September 2018

Image from Peanuts: Linus saying

Inner London NASUWT

 The Only Teachers Union

Your Pay

Finally a response from Government on the STRB recommendations. The headlines were very good the reality is less than great - the Secretary of State has messed with the detail and the pay uplift will not be applied fairly.

London schools continue to be victim to budget cuts. There are redundancies for teachers and support staff. The result is a heavier workload for our members.

We are not there quite yet colleagues but we may need to be organising around pay and action in time.


Regional Committee & Conference

Regional Conference will be on November 17th at Amba Hotel Charing Cross. Save the date!

The next Regional Committee meeting is at the Greater London Regional Centre 11am - lunchtime. 30th. November. The attendance of D23 Secretaries and others is very disappointing at these meetings. We make important decisions and it’s a valuable forum for information exchange. Please try to attend.


Action Matters

Increasingly we are finding that organising around Adverse Management , especially where Action Short of Strike Action is not appropriate, is very effective.


Please keep Chris Holland and Kathy Duggan up to date with your meeting dates.


National Executive Report - July 2018

NASUWT National Executive Report July 2018NAUWT Inner London Banner

Kathy Duggan & Chris Holland


NASUWT The Only Teachers’ Union

Happy Summer Holidays


General Secretary’s Report

Matters raised included:-

Pay restraint - when will it end? We have not yet got an answer from STRB. This is very late in the day indeed. We have no news for you yet on pay - perhaps the government are preoccupied with something else!

Workload - work life balance is now completely out of balance. The reports of excessive work load literally breaking the will and moral of teachers are now overwhelming. Members need to be supported to say no and gain confidence from our Action Short of Strike Action.


National Conference

As you know Conference this year is in Belfast over Easter weekend. Due to travel arrangements deadlines to declare get registered have been brought forward to 28th September 2018. Any member can download the paperwork just go to ‘get involved’ on the national website.



RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT - Local Secretaries make sure you get hold of those NQT lists and attend your NQT events. We must get those NQTs into membership.

Dear Inner LoSunshadendon Members

A short report this month -it’s the end of a long year. Chris and I wish you all a restful, fun and

reinvigorating summer break.

We look forward to meeting you all at your local meetings and other events soon.

Best wishes

Chris and Kathy.

National Executive Report - June 2018

NASUWT Inner London

National Executive Report

7th June 2018

Chris Holland & Kathy Duggan


General Secretary Report

The attack on trade unions from government continues. The government have issued new guidelines on trade union facility time. The guidance is NOT statuary. No local authority are obliged to follow the guidance which could prove even more restrictive in terms of accountability of your elected representatives time than those under which we currently work.

Brexit is a issue that must concern us. It is estimated by the TUC and other bodies that the average UK household will be £900 pa worse off as a result of Brexit. Our working lives will be under threat if the employment regulations and equality regulations we enjoy as a result of membership of the EU were to be got rid of.

Teachers need a pay rise. Teachers need a pay rise particularly in Inner London. You don’t need me to tell you this but it’s worth repeating:- it’s unlikely that a single (not in a partnership) qualified school teacher at the beginning, middle and sometimes nearing the end of their career can afford to buy their own house or flat. Deposits are averaging out at over £20,000 and multiples of income required by lenders are as high as seven times the average teacher’s pay. If a teacher opts to move out to cheaper area the train commute in to the centre to work is similarly unaffordable.

Government has made much of their intention to promote selection through more grammar schools. They are also backtracking a bit on academies. Academisation has not been a resounding success. Local authorities can now begin to open new schools especially ew voluntary aided schools. Faith schools are also being given more leeway when it comes to new schools.

We haven’t yet received results from STRB for this coming year -it’s late. We are now heading into the summer holiday period and can only hope that the Secretary of State doesn’t seek to bring things in through the back door during August. We are vigilant to changes that could be made to pay entitlements in relation to UPS3 teachers and those in receipt of TLR’s - this must be in particular regard to primary teachers. We are hopeful that our fears will not be founded.

Recruitment! Recruitment! Recruitment!

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Kathy Duggan and Chris Holland

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