National Executive Report, September 2016

Kathy Duggan and Chris Holland

Membership Report 280210 members this August. Considerably up on same month last year. As always our motto must be 'Recruit, recruit, and then recruit!'

Welcome back, we hope you have enjoyed the summer and the glorious weather in London.

This summer has seen an unprecedented list of changes in the world of politics. Many of the changes will impact on education form Brexit to the newly announced back to future policy of grammar schools. NASUWT will keep our members abreast of the impact of the possible impact of these changes to teachers' working lives. In the first instance I asked the General Secretary to mentor the effect of new grammar schools on our members in primary schools who might find themselves in a more pressurised environment due to any eleven plus examinations that may be instigated etc.
NASUWT have had relatively positive relations with the new PM Teressa May whilst she was in local government and in the Shadow Cabinet. At first her take on equalities looked more encouraging but this may have been a false positive in the light of the grammar school announcements - watch this space.
Government accepted our recommendations on pay that we put to the STRB. This was good news but we do need to be vigilant. Although it is great that employers will not be allowed to demote members on UPS3 we need to watch out for those who find reasons not to pay the 1% across the board or not on TLR's. Any move not to pay out on TLR's will be challenged legally by us. I asked the GS if she thought that our members would stomach a further year of a paltry 1% pay rise. Chris Keates replied that this was now a huge issue and Government will be challenged if in 2017/18 this austerity pay uplift remains in place.

Those of you who are responsible for one of the thirteen local associations in Inner London please remember it is now time to contact the Regional Centre and get your annual letter with all your meeting dates, drafted, agreed and posted to all your members at their home addresses.

Please let Chris Holland and I know when your local association meetings will be. Remember that generally Chris and I will be in Rednal on the first Thursday afternoon/ evening and all day Friday of every month during term time.

Remember to talk to your members about attending National Conference and ideas for conference motions. National Conference in 2017 is over the Easter weekend and will be held in Manchester.

Do contact Chris Holland and with any workplace issues you or your members may have.

Look at the Lewisham website that has lots of news about Lewisham and all Inner London together with a useful link to the national site and other websites

Be careful out there!
Chris Holland and Kathy Duggan

National Executive Report November 2016

Chris Holland and Kathy Duggan National Executive Members for Inner London (D23)

Membership - 284,693

General Secretary's Report
Our membership is holding firm. Be aware that in the light of the proposed 'merger' of ATL & NUT some teachers may be seduced by the prospect of a very large union. NASUWT remains THE ONLY TEACHERS' trade union - great selling point colleagues.
Local Secretaries need to be on the ball when it comes to your trade union facility time - beware the combined forces of ATL & NUT - they are hunting in random now!

Don't forget the deadline for getting local association motions in for consideration by standing orders for National Conference agenda is midday on 21st. November. Lewisham Association have agreed motions on the effect of Brexit on education and teachers and selective education and the re-emergence of grammar schools.

Please remember colleagues that you can still encourage members to attend National Conference - look on the national website for details.

Chris Holland and I have attended general meetings in:- Lewisham, Greenwich, Tower Hamlets and Hackney. We are looking forward to attending meetings across D23 - let us know when and where.

We are now in a post Brexit and USA election world. We can not pretend there will not be fall out. Our most pressing concern is the possible dilution of workers rights post Brexit. Unions must lobby for involvement in discussions with government on trade union, employees and workers rights at work and in all our workplaces.

Please do not hesitate to contact Chris Holland and Kathy Duggan with all workplace worries and concerns.

Make sure to keep up to date by looking on
All NASUWT Inner London and national news can be found here. If a local association would like to post an item on the site e.g. Your meeting schedule etc please contact Kathy Duggan.
Also do publicise the website with your members.

Best wishes
Kathy Duggan and Chris Holland

National Executive Report October 2016

Kathy Duggan and Chris Holland

Membership - this month 208,350076 up by 3,066 from this time last year.

NASUWT had a high profile at the TUC in Brighton in September. All the members of our delegation spoke to Congress. There were a variety of subjects including the impact of austerity which I spoke on and the motion was very largely carried.
NASUWT attended all the major political party conferences - or will do where these have not yet been held.
The Conservative Party and the Labour Party conferences this year both had their own challenges for trade union attendees. Colleagues will be very aware of all the in fighting. I am very pleased to report that the NASUWT fringe meeting at the Conservative Party and Labour conferences on discrimination against women in the workplace had queues out of the doors.

Thank you to all Local Secretaries who have arranged to have your associations annual letter sent out to members. Chris and I will endeavour to attend as many local association meetings as possible. The time has come to set your annual budgets and think about conference representatives and conference motions. Lewisham Local Association will be considering conference motions on:-
•    The NASUWT's role in putting pressure on government during the Brexit negotiations to preserve workers and equality legislation and rights.
•    Segregated schools and selection in education.

Add Training, Training, Training to Recruitment, Recruitment, Recruitment as watch words for the month!
Please try to make sure that all your Reps and yourselves are trained to the required standard and or above.
We are short of Benevolent Visitors there are training courses at our regional centre on 19th May and 14July  2017 - book your places now!

It comes as no surprise to any of use that our industry is becoming more and more fragmented and privatised. Contrary to popular belief the situation in Inner London is not as dire as elsewhere. However NASUWT represent all members everywhere and we must continue to do so. Some academies do not pay in to the facility time pot held be local authorities. This doesn't mean that we do not go into these workplaces to support and represent our members. Collective issues can be dealt with usually outside contact time and employers can be asked to hold casework meetings at the end of the school day.
Every local secretary must be involved with their local authorities on and review and divvying up of facility time. DO NOT LEAVE THIS IN THE LAP OF THE GODS or for that matter the other teacher unions! You snooze you lose!

Keep in touch and don't forget to reserve your place at our Greater London Regional Conference on Saturday 26th November to be held at the Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury.

Look on the Lewisham website for up to date news and press releases on all things Inner London and national NASUWT

Best wishes and we do wish you all a happy half term break.

The price of equality is eternal vigilance.

Kathy Duggan
Chris Holland

National Executive Report December 2016

Kathy Duggan and Chris Holland

Membership Report over 286061 - up on last year.


Deputy General Secretary's Report

Executive took a moment to share our good wishes to our General Secretary Chris who is unwell. Chris will recover and return to work in the New Year. I'm sure that you all join with National Execu-tive in wishing her a swift recovery.

Inner London have sent our good wishes to NASUWT Northern Ireland where members have taken very well supported strike action in support of their pay. Members in Northern Ireland were denied even the paltry 1% recommended by the STRB but with held by their devolved government.

Colleagues you may notice that our newer to teaching members fall into the - horrible phrase - JAM's - new teachers are just managing, teachers where they are the only wage earner in a family are just managing, teachers in Inner London's vicious housing market are just managing. The new reality for many teachers is an impossible household budget to balance. One further step towards industrial action over pay? Get back to me on that.

Members will by and large had their appraisal targets by now and usually the first tranche of ob-servations. Casework resulting from unobtainable imposed targets and unpleasant meetings fol-lowing observations will be hitting your inboxes. Remember colleagues some of these cases have potential for us to escalate the Action Short of Strike Action.

Local Secretary's news flashes:


  • Make sure you looked carefully at the new paperwork for AGM's - it has been tweaked you may need to speak to our Regional Organiser for clarification.
  • Are sure that as Negotiating Secretary you have put evidence in to your Schools Forum uphold-ing our case for de-delegation of trade union facility time.

It remains for us to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way to the bar! Kathy and Chris It remains for us to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way to the bar!
Kathy and Chris

National Executive Report - May 2017

Kathy Duggan & Chris Holland NASUWT National Executive Members for Inner London 


The Only Teachers' Trade Union

Inner London National Executive Report May 2017

Inner London website:-

Kathy Duggan & Chris Holland your National Executive Members

You will be pleased to know that Chris Keates our General Secretary, having been absent from work for reasons of ill health for a while, is recovering and has returned to full time work.

Funding cuts to our schools are a massive concern. As a result there are a great number of staffing and curriculum reorganisations in process across Inner London. NASUWT are consulting and negotiating to protect our members' pay and conditions of service and working hard to protect our members' jobs. We have escalated to strike action in Lewisham and Greenwich and as a consequence been able to temporarily postpone that strike action pending successful talks with employers. NASUWT are in the business of protecting their members we are not in the business of using our members to further political campaigns.

We enjoyed a successful NASUWT National Conference over Easter in Manchester. Inner London National Executive spoke on EAL Funding and Escalation of Action Short of Strike Action to Strike Action. Both motions were carried unanimously. Delegations from Hammersmith & Fulham, Southwark and Greenwich attended Conference with the President of Southwark Omolo Johnson speaking well from the podium. Inner London NASUWT National Executive Members organise the Greater London NASUWT Reception on the Friday evening at National Conference. This year we were well attended again and everyone enjoyed the event, meeting up with old and new trade union friends and colleagues.

We now face another general election. It is impossible to predict the precise outcomes for Inner London. NASUWT remains unaffiliated to any political party and remain neutral. Our overbidding political concern for our members is the retention of workers rights in the wake of the Brexit negotiations. Our members are workers. It is easy for teachers to imagine that they are excempt from changes to workers' rights - this is not the case. Don't forget you go to work at a school - you do not 'go to school' that's what kids do!

Chris Holland & Kathy Duggan