National Executive Report March 2016

National Executive Report
March 2016
Chris Holland and Kathy Duggan
National Executive Members NASUWT Inner London (District 23 AKA D23)
National Membership for March 2016 – 272,539 which is 1,000 up on March 2015

Dear Inner London NASUWT
Welcome to the first National Report for some time.
Happy Easter to you all.
Kathy Duggan and Chris Holland
Treasurer’s Report
The National Treasurer presented our annual financial report to Executive which will go before National Conference. This has been an expensive year for us and this is reflected in the accounts.
NASUWT have been running several escalations of our Action Short of Strike Action together with providing a second to none our excellent service to our members.
General Secretary’s Report
We have run and continue to do so successful disputes. Best results come when we say we will run a dispute and then don’t need to because employers return to the table in the wake of the threat of strike action.
 The Secretary of State, Nicky Morgan, publically acknowledges the work load issues that plague our members. There have been some helpful remarks about marking policies for example. However NASUWT point out that unless these remarks are made into policy. Applied to school leaders then school leaders and other employers might not take a jot of notice.
Inner London local authority schools have as far as we know paid teachers the 1% pay rise payable last September together with the 2% for teachers at M6. Academies and Free Schools also seem to have paid the recommended uplift. If anyone reading this has different information please let us know. The situation is not as good across the rest of the country.
We have grave concerns over the government proposals on school funding. Government intends to cut out completely local authorities from the funding stream to schools. Together with the intention to diminish school funding in Inner London compared with the shires there are serious implications for our members and the children they teach. Changes as outlined by Government’s fair funding initiative will eradicate once and for all the link between local trade union facility time and the money to pay for it so that will be under threat.
National Conference
NASUWT’s National Conference will be held in Birmingham this year and begins on Good Friday finishing on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon. Both Chris Holland and I will be there together with representatives from Greenwich, Southwark and Hammersmith and Fulham. It is a shame that not more local associations from D23 are being represented but to keep you in touch I will be blogging and I will send the link as soon as it’s established.
Contact us
Please contact Chris and I to tell us any local issues that you need Executive support for and also to tell us when your local meetings will be so that we can try to attend.

Kathy Duggan 11.3.16