National Executive Report February 2019


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National Executive Report February 2019

Dear Inner London NASUWT

Greetings from NASUWT National Executive. This month your National Executive Members have asked a  question about your pension , as you will be aware the contributions that the employers make are increasing in September from about 16% to 23% the DFE has a consultation about them funding that increase for 1 year, it closes on 12th Feb. You can join the consultation by following this link:-

We have recently put on a few members from what was ATL. However Recruit Recruit Recruit must remain our motto.

We’ve received some reports from members in the independent sector that their employers are seeking to leave TP. It’s usually a bad move that disadvantages members so if anyone contacts you let us know.

Adverse Management Practices - our focus is on Adverse Management Practices where they are affecting, pay , performance management and workload is our focus for escalating to or balloting for action. If members in your associations or workplaces are being pushed to the limit let us know.

Teaching in Inner London is frontline. We all hope we are never in a situation that requires major incident and  lock down procedures but we do need to know what those procedures are. If your school or college have major incident and lock down procedures in place and those procedures are well known and are rehearsed please let us know. For example:-

  • Is there a different signal for staying in your classrooms from the signal for leaving as in a fire drill?
  • Do colleagues know what to do if they or one of their number is attacked on school premises?
  • Does your workplace have risk assessments in place for gate duties, playground duties, interactions with members of the public e.g.during parents evenings.

We are on a countdown to National Conference in April. I hope you have all booked your flights to Belfast and your hotels. Greater London Region will not be organising a reception this year. We do hope that delegates will meet us on  Friday evening after the General Secretary’s address in the ground floor bar of the Waterfront Hilton Hotel.

Chris and I will be catching up with you at your local meetings and at Regional Committee 1st. March.

Best wishes for the rest of the half term.

Chris Holland and Kathy Duggan

National Executive Report - January 2018

National Executive Report January 2019

Dear Local Secretaries and Activists

Chris Holland and I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

As your National Executive Members we always make it a priority to attend your local association meetings. Please get in touch with us if you are unsure if one of us is coming to your meeting.

Wishing you all a good Spring Term and let’s hope the snow keeps away!

Best wishes

Kathy Duggan and Chris Holland - National Executive


General Secretary’s Report

The Dfe have informed the STRB that they will not have their submission ready for 16th. January for the 2019/20 pay award. Further more they have no idea when it will be available. Therefore it’s highly likely that there will be another pay award delay.

Recruitment has to be a priority as always. NEU have raised their subs like us. However their subs are far higher £23 up to September and this doesn’t include their variable local tariffs. So, colleagues , it’s a great for us - and we are better into the bargain!

Remember if you recruit a member not only to they get a year free you get a Love Shopping Voucher - win, win.

Least you forget NASUWT have secured:-

NO additional responsibilities when you move to UPS

NO unnecessary data drops

NO raw data PM targets

Remember to have a look at our website for up to date NASUWT news - Brexit free zone!

National Executive Report - December 2018


Dear Members and Activists

Chris Holland and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Winter Holiday and a Peaceful, Happy New Year.

This is a long term and you’ve worked hard - so have fun and take it easy over the winter holiday break.

Best wishes

Kathy Duggan and Chris Holland - Inner London National Executive

General Secretary’s Report

Issues with poor behaviour in schools are prevalent now in reports from members and in the press. Please report to us if you here of schools  buying in to an initiative called Pivotable - this is purported to be a behaviour management tool. - and on first look it’s ineffective . 

Inner London schools and colleges continue to have budgets cuts imposed on them. Another union is running an indicative ballot - pointless as this is not an industrial dispute and an indicative ballot has no teeth - it’s nothing more than a straw poll. NASUWT will continue to hold ballots on ADVERSE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES. Of course we want more money for schools - our disputes are around when our members are penalised and lack of funds is sighted as an excuse.

Remember to have a look at our website for up to date NASUWT news - Brexit free zone!

National Executive Report - Nov 2018

Chris Holland & Kathy Duggan

NASUWT National Executive Report

November 2018

National membership 277,260

NASUWT the largest trade union exclusively for teachers.


Direct debit members still get the first year FREE.

Very important to remember unlike the NEU we don’t charge you a local tariff.

If you are the named recruiter you will receive a Love Shopping voucher.

General Secretary’s Report

Violent and disruptive behaviour.

The reports of very disruptive behaviour from pupils, serious assaults, violent incidents and threats of violence in schools and colleges are increasing in the UK. The impact of austerity on school budgets and the inclusion agenda is becoming in some cases an emergency. Cuts to support staff; cuts to local authority specialist support services; cuts to alternative provision have impacted on mainstream classroom teachers’ work dramatically. NASUWT are putting pressure on employers and others to mitigate the effects on our members. Please report to us incidents where individuals and groups of members are being affected. The first ever, ground breaking case of Refusal To Teach was in Lewisham Inner London. Don’t let the bar sink so low that our members are tolerating unacceptable behaviour which puts them at personal risk of assault and injury.

NASUWT will listen to our members, investigate and uphold a Refusal To Teach ballot if a case can be made.

Wherever you work, mainstream or special school it is not part of your job to be assaulted verbally or physically at work.

Your National Executive Members spoke about:-

  • Inadequately funded inclusion.
  • Violence in schools and colleges.
  • Teacher workload - including the abuse of data and pressure on UPS3 teachers to do more
  • Lack of pay progression within Upper Pay Spin

Best wishes

Chris Holland & Kathy Duggan NASUWT Inner London National Executive Members

National Executive Report October 2018

Report of National Exec 5th Oct


1)      Fred Smitties much respected past NASUWT  General Secretary passing noted 1 min silence

2)      GS Report

a) All fringes at party conferences well attended

b) “Whiplash” law going through parliament but been tweaked to prevent personal injuries claims such as raised by NASUWT.

c) DFE toolkit needs to be carefully used as open to abuse NASUWT has guidance that picks all the best bits and almost makes it a usable document.

d) The asbestos mat problem is still ongoing as no names of supplies being released , there is concerns that there may be other suppliers .

e)Pay policies that are compliant,  details will be  sent out next week.

f) Pay grant not ring implementation could be cause for concern

g) pupil indiscipline ballots increasing in prevalence across England and Wales

h) Pushing the results of “The Big Question” Look on NASUWT website

i) In house information booklet has been produced giving details of what was in old diary - for those who miss it

3)      Some schools using key loggers to record what teachers are typing. Big Brother (or Sister) is watching you!

4)      Employers contribution to pensions to allegedly rise to 23% by 2023


Your Inner London National Executive asked questions on false black widow spiders (it is the month of Halloween!)

London Primary schools and the investigation into DFE funding claims by UK Statistics Authority, the watchdog which prevents the misleading use of figures.


Best wishes

Chris Holland and Kathy Duggan NASUWT National Executive